The Kraken Motorsports Team

Our Team

(Left to Right: Alicia, Shawn, Phillip, Ben, Chris, Max, Nathan & Lexi the Shop Dog)
Our team is the heart and soul of Kraken Motorsports. They have true passion for what they do and the expertise to back it up. Our motto as a team is 'the standard of my work comes first."


Business Extraordinaire & Racing Femme Fatale - Alicia Rizzo

Mix together a Masters degree, a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, over 10 years experience running a multimillion dollar business in the healthcare sector with a passion for cars and racing and what you get is Alicia Rizzo. As an owner, she uses her heart to help Kraken Motorsports be a true partner within the community and her kickass skills to keep us moving in the right direction.

Master of the Mechanical Stuff - Shawn Rizzo

Our founder and mastermind, Shawn Rizzo, a Master ASE L1 Technician with over 20 years of automotive and racing experience. He is well respected in the automotive industry and performance community becoming known for an unsurpassed level of quality and attention to detail. He encourages people of all car enthusiasts levels to be a part of their build, ask questions and learn. He has created a culture based on integrity, honesty, fun, family and badass cars.


The Knower of Things - Phillip MacPherson, General Manager

Phillip MacPherson is the Shop Manager. He started with us as a Technician and quickly moved up to Shop Foreman. His understanding of the Kraken Motorsports culture , the needs of our customers combined with his mechanical knowledge makes him one of the best in the business.


Lexi "The Shop Dog" Rizzo

Lexi spends her day greeting customers, teaching humans how to play fetch and herding those pesky JDMs. She is always happy to see people, greeting them with a smile and a wiggle butt that won't quit.

Ben, Parts Guru

I am a third generation “car guy”. if there’s one thing I’ve learned from car culture, it’s that it’s not about “what car” but about what cars make you feel. That’s why I love working at Kraken, it feels like family, because it is, And every person who walks through the door gets to feel some of that.


Max Everage, Badass Technician

Max is an ASE Certified Technician. He is a car enthusiast whose passion for cars came from watching NASCAR as a kid. He fell in love with JDM cars sitting in the passenger seat of his dad's 1994 Toyota Celica. He joined Kraken Motorsports hoping to turn a passion into a career.


Chris, Technician

Chris is a Tech who loves working on cars, which may be at the core of who he is but don't challenge him to a game of darts unless you want to lose it all! He has 500whp dreams for his Ford ST and I'm sure you'll see plenty of pics of the build. Check out his photography Instagram @_aston_photography.

Nathan, Master Technician

Nathan is a Subaru Master Technician who has been working on Subarus for years. He always has something interesting to share. An all around super nice guy, with expertise and a love of dogs, I know Lexi appreciates.